We had a lot of time in the classroom on Monday to play. The dramatic center was now an airplane and the children enjoyed pretending to be pilots and passenger. There was a travel agent to make passports and tickets. A few children wanted to finish making costumes so the art table was set up with fabric and decorations.  We shared what we did on the holiday and some people were able to explain a photograph about their vacation. Half the class went to Art and dressed up in costumes; then they drew each other. We played with bubbles on the playground. Ms.Jen read a book about a rabbit jumping into paint and then everyone explored colour mixing with plastic bags of red, blue and yellow paint. It was great to be back together!


We were so excited to go to the Gymnastics Area for PE on Tuesday. Coach Pekin played a game where we stood on, under and behind the equipment. After a picnic of fruit, we went to Music and played with the scarves. We had time to go onto the big playground today to swing and slide. The older friends went on a shape hunt after the younger friends left. They used the ipads to take pictures of squares, circles, triangles and rectangles in our playground.


Ms Christine came to help us today. Ms.Gene showed us an experiment with coloured water, pipettes and test tubes that we were able to try over the next few days. The airplane was re-arranged while half the children went to Art for their turn to wear costumes.


Ms.Jen made ‘Butter-Spider’ crackers with us for our cooking session. Ms.Gene helped more children try the experiment. The airplane took off and landed many times! Ms.Marnie came to us for Music; we enjoyed doing the animal boogie! Half the class chose to play outside while the other half went on a walk to the turtle pond. Everyone came together to act out an airplane book that Ms.Jen had brought to school; they pretended to go through security, wait in the waiting room and then proceed onto the plane. The older friends wrote their own books about the trip afterwards.


Gymnastics was a lot of fun as we explored rolling forwards, backwards and sideways. When we returned, Ms.Jen explained what we are going to do next week, but that she wanted everyone to vote whether we should find out more about space, plants or the circus (these were the main ideas the teachers heard from the students this week). Space won and we got books about planets, stars and the moon at the library. Zoey’s mum had given us popcorn which a few friends prepared into small bags. Then they moved the chairs and made our classroom a movie theatre. Everyone was so surprised and excited when they came in from outside play and found our room was a theatre! Our Grade 2 buddies met us in the library and helped us find and read books.

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Our song of the week is: