There was a glue activity on the Art table. Children dropped colored water into glue and left it to dry. Some friends explored color mixing by themselves. We had fruit outside and played in the big playground. Ms.Jen showed us a picture drawn by a boy when he was 5 years old; in the picture he was falling from the sky with a parachute. The boy grew up to jump from Earth from the stratosphere. We saw the video of his jump and then Ms.Jen asked us what we knew about space. We also drew what our favourite thing to do in school is.


More color mixing happened Tuesday morning; everyone enjoyed using the equipment and pouring the water independently. We added glitter and food coloring to the playdough today! In Gymnastics, we worked on using our arms to hold our body up against the wall. In Music, we made happy music. We have a new Promethean Board in the classroom. The helper of the day gets to finish the calendar pattern and write the date.


Today we added beads to the glitter playdough and pretended they were planets. We worked in small groups to make gelatin with Mr.Petr. More colour mixing – some friends may have purple hands from all the colour mixing they are doing!


There were space shapes for painting on in the Art area today. Mr.Petr took small groups again today, but now they added drops of food coloring to the gelatin. It was very exciting to watch, but don’t worry – nobody ate it! Too much color! Some started an activity with Ms.Gene where she painted their feet (ha ha – it tickled!) The older friends pretended to blast off into space and then worked in small groups to write stories about their experience!


What a great way to start the day – Coach Pekin turned Gymnastics into a circus! After snack, everyone went outside and those who wanted to, tried painting their faces or arms. Back inside to clean up and change before going to see our buddies in the library. Another wonderful week in preschool!

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Our song of the week: