The first few stages of inquiry-based learning that we move through are: Tuning in…finding out…sorting out… As we strive to make the children’s thinking visible (so that their unfolding ideas can be documented), the bulletin boards in and around our classrooms became very important. As we head towards the conclusion of this current unit of inquiry, it is fascinating to see how the bulletin boards have unfolded. Inside the classroom, we have kept records of tuning in vocabulary and the building blocks to understanding cycles, cyclical change, predicting amongst other concepts. Outside, we shared with the world our own discoveries from Flat Stanley about how WHERE we live influences HOW we live. These photos created a lot of interest with the people pasing in the hallways. Then Part 2 evolved as one day we realised that there were different opinions on this questions: is there a difference between weather and climate?? Some students believed yes… some students believed no. Rather than just having the teacher GIVE the answer, we made a mini inquiry of this by brainstorming categories of information we needed to research in order to find the answer to┬áthe question. Several days were spent researching in the library and decisions were made of how to best present the information to the public. Valuable time spent?? Absolutely… we all know that to be able to explain to someone else is the best way to show that YOU actually understand something well!! Bravo Smartians – the displays are informative and entertaining! [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]