Many children get many different emotions about multiplication… “Yes, yes! I know all about it… in fact I have memorised some times tables facts already!” they say. Others keep quiet, because they are worried that because they don’t yet know the times tables by memory, they are “behind”. This week’s goal in math class was to tune in to the CONCEPT of multiplication and get everyone on a level playing field, as they say in English! Out came the manipulatives and out came the frog paper to do a Brain Splat called “Hopping into Multiplication… what I think it REALLY ACTUALLY means!!” Not surprisingly, this was a challenge and we had very good discussions using the Smartian favourite: PROVE IT TO ME!! (along with Italian hand gestures!!). We watched some videos explaining the vocabulary and concept of organising groups into ARRAYS (see earlier blog post to view these). Then we had some time with counters and cubes to try out building our own arrays and solving a “wrestle problem”. How many different arrays can you build to represent the number 24?? The answer? (8 different arrays for organising in rows and columns of equal groups!!). We even did an inquiry into 2 kinds of multiplication charts: one that uses numbers and one that uses arrays! EVERYONE should go onto the internet and print themselves off a MULTIPLICATION CHART to have:  a “cheat sheet” that is extremely valuable… Learning the times tables by memory is a definite reality of Grade 3… (see all the fun blog games to the right for daily help) but understanding the concept is the necessary first step. Enjoy these images from this week’s math classes: [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]