The amount of thinking, problem solving, predicting, data collecting and analysing that has been happening over the past week has been astounding as work on our Unit of Inquiry project called Be Prepared! unfolded.┬áIn order to predict the future, the Smartians know that they have to look at the patterns of the past. So this week, they have been using the website links on my blog to collect and analyse data in order to then make a graph that shows when flooding may happen in the future. Some students are investigating rainfall patterns, some are looking at air pressure and others are checking out wind speed from the past. Some Smartians are interested to use the historical data to investigate what days, months and years have had typhoons in the past… will this help us understand the future?? The most amazing (and scary) discovery has been that of CLIMATE CHANGE… the numbers don’t lie, and Oliver Banks almost jumped out of his seat when he saw the differences in mm of rain from March of earlier years to March of 2010 and 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking back at our 2nd Guiding question: how does human activity affect the Earth’s seasonal weather patterns, you can see how this could easily become a huge path of learning to follow… A picture speaks a thousand words – here is our week of brain power in summary!