basketball trophy

basketball trophy

Filipino Basketball

Why did I choose to write about this topic?

I like to watch basketball and I like this team.


Information about the Team

The basketball team’s name is Talk `n Text.

The team is playing in the Philippines.

In the Tall `n Text there is a leader called Alapag.

Alapag can do long shots – three pointers.

My father is in the company PLDT. His company

is sponsoring this team.

I saw Alapag two times playing with his team.

They won so many times.

I like players Alapag and Peg.

My father likes the player Conasha.

I have Talk `n text T-shirt.

Conasha’s number is 12 my lucky number is 12.


Here you can find a video about the team!

Alapag family

The team is so strong and good sportsman ship! Sometimes they get fall.