Have you ever seen a Fire Fox? Red Pandas are often called “Fire Fox” because of their size and the color of their coats. They are related to the Raccoon, Skunks and Weasels and is in the Ailuridae family . Red Pandas can be seen in the mountains forests  of Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, India and Central China.  The Red panda can live for up to 12 to 14 years. They communicate by whistling  or barking and they squeal and sound almost like squirrels  over the winter. The red panda loses 15% of  its weight. Weight is 8 to 12 pounds. Length is 20 to 24 inches. The ordinary habitat of the red pandas are more likely to be in the mountain forests and bamboo forests of the Himalaya, as well as the mountains of China.  The Red Panda is a carnivore. They  may eat  birds,eggs and other small mammals. Red Pandas are also vegetarian. They also eat bamboo, blossoms and berries.Red pandas live alone and only seek a mate to be with. They scent areas. They are very heat sensitive, and they can’t bear the heat of  25 °C. Predator of the red panda includes the Snow leopards, martens and humans if they feel threatened or sense danger. They may try to escape by climbing rock, columns or climb trees. If they can no longer be able to flee they stand on their hind legs to make them look bigger and use their claws to defend themselves.        

By ucumari

                        Red Pandas are endangered species as they are near to extinction. We try our best to help them  as there are about 2 ,500 to 2,000 are left in the world. Threats can be caused by human as they use the bamboo for making materials.  Some even kill the Red  Panda and use their skin for coats and carpets. We can try and prevent them from being extinct . We can try and help the red panda by warning people about them and letting them pass it on. Then maybe the red panda will not be endangered anymore.   

Fun Fact

1. Male red pandas will fight with each other by standing on their hind legs and boxing with their claws. 

2.  Red pandas use their tongues to detect different scents.

3. Red pandas do not like water.  

4. To stay warm, red pandas sometimes roll into a ball, with their heads tucked beneath their chest and nose pushed between their hind paws .  

5.If a red panda’s den is discovered by a human more than once, the mother panda may respond by eating her cubs.  

6.The red panda’s tail is almost the same length as its body. 

7.  Male red pandas do not help take care of their cubs.

8. Red Pandas make “Wah” call