Do you know a dog that is really great? I do and for me it’s a beagle they are known to be loving, caring, amazing and extraordinary. Well a beagle is a hound dog but it is not just a hound dog that people track and hunt with, they are also used at airports in the United States to sniff out drugs and bombs and make the airport a safe environment for its passengers. Also beagles sniff out dangerous things not only bombs but acid and sharp objects that they might find in your luggage. Beagles were originally hunters so you have to take good care of them.

I have a beagle too and she is very kind to other pets and animals and guests in our house. For my beagle her color is brown and white but other beagles have black in their color as well there is also some unique colors like the lemon color as they say.   When a beagle is a puppy their color brown still developing and their color brown will show when they get older.


You have to take them for walks every day so they will have lots of exercise. When you’re going to feed your beagle give them something healthy to eat and I don’t mean vegetable and fruit you have to give them dog food but balance dog food so they won’t get sick and do give them human food so much or they will get really fat. Also if you give them baths don’t get water in their eyes because they will have eye infection or they will have problem seeing for a few minutes. So take care of your beagle or they will get sick but beagle are strong so they usually don’t get sick but it could happen.

Beagle puppies act lovingly towards their owners. As long as you take good care of your beagle they will shower you with the same amount if not more affection and care as you give them.

Sometimes your beagle might think that you have abandoned them because you don’t give them the attention they need. That happened to me once with my beagle, I didn’t pay much attention to her that she stopped being so active and started feeling lonely. After a few weeks I started noticing my beagle again so I ask my grandfather for help then we took her for a walk then she stared to become  her beagle self again so every day if I have free time I spend it with my beagle .  If you think that your beagle does not need attention you’re wrong or they will become gloomy and just lay down.

If you have a beagle please take good care of him or him/her, because they are not just a hound dog.

By Bukowsky18