Hanguk E Munhwa

In Korea the Traditions of Korea are:

  1. Hangawee
  2. Chuseok
  3. Paju
  4. Seolnal
  5. SongPyun  ,Miyeok soup and Kimchi
  6. Hanbok
  7. Jeol
  8. Hanok
  9.  Archery= Hwal

Hi! My name is Jenny today I am here to teach you more about Korean Cultures.

I will start with telling you about HANGAWEE and CHUSEOK.  Hangawee and Chuseok is a special occasion where townspeople and villagers celebrate by doing fun games of Korea, Eating food from Korea and experience fun cultures and occasions.

Yah! I love Hangawee and Chuseok do you?

Paju is a sad place you guys would not like it me neither I don`t like it at all. It is a sad place because that is the place you put dead person`s soul. I always cry because my grandfather, my grandmother , my small grandmother and my small granfather`s name is embroidered on some of the tombstones. Here Is A Picture Of Paju.  It looks so scary doesn’t it? I shiver all the time when I look at it.


By: David Paul Ohmer

Now I will show you something better it is: SEOLNAL!!! At Seolnal you wear the HANBOK!!! In Seolnal you wear the Hanbok and when your family and the elders visit you bow in Korea bowing is called: JEOL!!!

Wasn`t that impressive?! Now for our next topic it is FOOD we have traditional: Song-Pyeon, Miyeok soup and Kimchi.

By: Kuomeri

I`m super hungry now aren`t you?  Now we will move on to HANOK  the original house in Korea! This is a picture of Hanok: Since Hanok is such a beautiful house I will show you a video for HANOK

I will now talk about the last topic and archery in korea and it is called HWAL

Hwal is very famous in korea for a traditional weapon it often comes out in korean movies.


By: IntelGuy Rick

Thank you for reading this article about Hanguk E Munhwa.