It’s not the insect cricket but the game cricket. The game was started by England. Cricket is played in two teams of 11. Boys and girls can play this game. In Cricket, it’s hard to choose if you want to be a batsman, bowler or an all-rounder. A batsman is a person who hits the ball when a bowler bowls a ball. When I said “Bowler bowls a ball,” I mean, “When bowler throws the ball at him.” Your arms should be straight when you are throwing in the ball. All-rounder does both batting and bowling. I think most of the people want to be an all-rounder. Some like being a batsman. Some like being a bowler. Scoring is by runs. You should know how to play that game; otherwise you won’t be passed in the practice before you get to play in world cups, you should have good sportsmanship while playing. If you argue with the umpire the people will think you are a bad person.

The whole cricket field is 13,566.67 yards. The grass area on the field is 13,500. The pitch is 66.67 yards. If the ball or the bat hits the wickets then you are out. For bowlers there is overs are important. Sometimes we call them made in over or wicket made in. There are 12 places the fielder can start from. They are “Third Man, Fine Leg, Slips, Gully, Square leg, Cover, Mid-Wicket, Mid-off, Mid-On, Long- Off and Long- On. If the bowler throws the ball, there are 3 types of throws the bowler can throw” Wide-Ball, Dot-ball, Dead-Ball and No-Ball.”

Cricket can be played in a day, but there are matches like 5 days matches and 1 day matches in the game. In a 5 day match, people keep on continue match. This link is only 1 day match link, but if you want to see a 5 day match link go to


This is a hyperlink for cricket match India vs. Pakistan. This will show you what a cricket pitch looks like and how the players work together to win the game. While you are watching the game, look out for the weird hand signs that the umpire uses to tell the people what is happening during the game.