This week, the upper elementary school did their Semester 2 writing sample. This approach lays the structure of the two days: the 1st day for preplanning and drafting the rough copy; the 2nd day for revising ideas, editing mechanics and publishing this short story. The nature of the exercise involves time management and the understanding that a 2 day story will most definitely look different than a 6 week long story!! The prompt was set, and it was a juicy one that lent itself well to using great imagination in many possible directions. The Smartians reflected on their 2 day story, using a rubric, and this will be coming home in mid-February. It will be an interesting inquiry into 2 approaches of writing, as we revisit this 2 day story in Writing Workshop soon and work it through a fuller writing process over a number of weeks. Lingering longer in the preplanning stage, mini lessons on what good writers do and peer/teacher conferences will no doubt give helpful feedback for developing a rich story that will be published in another hard-cover book.