In our class we have looked at the various forms of energy using a technique called think, pair, share, connect. This allowed us to consider what we know, what we want to know and connections to previous knowledge about different types of energy.

From that starting point the students selected an energy type that they wanted to become an expert in. Having chosen an energy the students came up with questions in order to research and find out more. These were written on a research template (these can be seen on the photos below).

We visited the CMC several times in order to find books with the answers to our questions. Ms. Pat reminded us that we could not copy directly from the book as this was called plagiarism. We wrote up the important parts in bullet form and from there we will write them into paragraphs.

We used the skills of looking at the contents and index pages to find our information. We also noticed that the glossary came in very useful for explaining energy words that were challenging.

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