As we seek to understand all the energy vocabulary words, we naturally use our word detective talents. one day we¬†were talking about solar energy, and I turned it into a quick word study inquiry. “What do you think is the word sum for this?” I asked. Some students very quickly came up with theories, based on their thinking and the suffix board. One of them was <so + lar> while the other one was <sol + ar>. DING!! Mrs. McGrath’s knowledge of foreign languages saw a connection for investigation, and immediately asked the class what the Spanish word for “sun” was? Smiles lit up as John and Oliver yelled out “sol”… and then some students saw that one of their theories MUST be correct while the other one must be incorrect!!! Can you see which one they noticed??!! Thanks to our Spanish speakers, we could now add another suffix to our ever-growing board of affixes.