You know Mrs. McGrath, always looking forĀ  a way to help students understand the true meaning behind the concept… no matter what it takes… even if it meant “falling off a cliff” !!!!?!! What! A cliff in math class?? Why yes, the concept of division with remainders can be visualised when one thinks of a cliff – you don’t want to fall off the cliff right, or else you’ll end up splat on the ground, all messy!! In division, the cliff represents how much you have – your goal is to get as close to the edge of the “cliff” without falling off. So turn it into multiplication and see how many groups you can “squeeze out” before you get close to the edge (don’t go too far – disaster!!). Once you get close to the edge, how many “steps do you take to get right to the edge of the cliff”?? That represents the remainder in a division question! We practised this first by watching Mrs. McGrath, then by trying it ourselves on our whiteboards. Lastly we put it to paper and filled in a worksheet. Anytime you are lost, go back to the visual of taking frog jumps along the cliff, getting as close as possible to the edge of the cliff without going over. How many jumps can you take and how many leftover steps are there to get to the edge of the cliff?!! More practise continues next week as we begin to tackle larger numbers.