EEKK… normally you say this when you see a spider, and this is exactly what Mr. Allison said when he saw the floppy spider in our classroom! Only this wasn’t any old spider, this was one here to teach us about “Partner BUZZ Reading” during our Funtastic Five! You see, EEKK stands for EYE to EYE, KNEE to KNEE ! This week the Smartians added Partner BUZZ to the “Funtastic Five”  menu as we all move along the journey of becoming better readers. Mrs McGrath and Mr. Allison modelled how you do the 2 kinds of Partner BUZZ reading: a) I Read – You Read and b) same time Choral reading. Naturally, you always use the strategy of Check for Understanding for each kind. The Smartians then had a turn trying out the EEKK position for reading and the 2 kinds so that it can become a part of their daily routine. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Spider… EEKK.