The most meaningful thing to me was going to Ocean Park because we had lots of fun there, and it was a wonderful experience to share with my family on Christmas. At Ocean Park we went on a lot of exciting rides two of which that I were afraid to ride at first. But all fears must be broken and I would probably only go to Hong Kong Ocean Park once so I conquered my fear and ended up having lots of fun. We also played lots of exciting booth games and I won a santa claus toy from a booth where you pop a balloon. After all the fun and games at Ocean Park I  got to try unusual squid for the first time. After eating we visited all of the animals at their exhibits. We got to see cool penguins and a lot of different types of goldfish. My favorite types were the bubble eye and the coral brain. The bubble eye fish has big bulging eyes and the coral brain goldfish has a weird thing on its head that looks like a hat made out of coral. After the weird goldfish and penguin exhibits we went to the panda exhibit which only had one panda which was fine since pandas are endangered and China’s zoos can only have so many. Ocean park was also meaningful because it was my first time going to China and see how differently they celebrate Christmas and all the fun places and people you can meet and experience there. Check out this link to the Ocean park website: ​​​

By: Chelsea