What a lovely surprise I got this week when I opened up my inbox to find an email from Benjamin, a former Smartian who moved to Thailand in December. His ISM school email address no longer works, but if you would like to contact him, please email me and I can send on his parents’ address. I know for sure that he would LOVE to hear from all his friends in Smartia, so send him an email seeing how things are going!

Here is his original email:

Feb. 18

Dear Miss. McGrath and class

I miss you class.
My friends thank you for playing with me.
Playing tag,soccer,car.
Lucas I’m sorry that I wasn’t playing soccer that much in grade 3, I wasn’t practicing defender so I was getting bad at it.
In my school we are also doing energy.
The new student was a girl? was she? . Yea she is

from Benjamin lewis McMullin