You know Mrs. McGrath and her “tool box”… we are all different learners, all with different styles and different ways of understanding a concept. What might be “just right” for you may not be “just right” for another – the lightbulb goes on for different people in different ways! If you already know one way, then it is great to have another way of attacking problems (being mathematically “flexible”).┬áIn math class last week, we moved on from the basic times tables (2x-10x) and started to apply them to the next step: double digit multiplying! It is very exciting to now be able to use those tools that we have been practising so hard throughout January and February. Another thing we know about learners is that IF you can explain something to someone ELSE, then YOU must also understand it yourself!! The basic idea of Karate Multiplication is to break up the original number into a “nice easy number” (you must do the hand gesture that we use in class!!!), multiply each part by the original number and then “glue it back together” at the end… Day by day, we have investigated a different method of Karate Multiplication, observed Mrs. McGrath’s silent demonstration and then talked with neighbours of what we thought was happening. Then we got into partners, with dice or spinners, and created multiple digit questions for each other to practise. Naturally, those feeling comfortable with the concept of the day take it to the next level, such as 3 digit or 4 digit multiplying. Yes, the ultimate goal is to reach the adult world of the traditional algorithm that we adults all learned in grade school… but there are so many different ways of accessing that and making it possible for everyone in the meantime! So far we have investigated the crocodile method, the box method and the rainbow method. Which ones have been your child’s favourite one so far? As they come home each night and teach YOU their methods, which ones have been YOUR favourites?!! It is fun to get the parents’ feedback, many of which say that they had wished THEY would have learned these strategies back when they were young and still trying to understand the traditional method!!