Smartians are continuing along the word detective path, noticing how words are BUILT and how “family members” are connected… it’s EVERYWHERE!!! You don’t have to memorise word after word after word IF you understand how to look for “signals” of family connections through structure (how it is built, using “building blocks” called morphemes. Have a look at these quick examples that have popped up through Smartian discoveries, using our word study knowledge. In the second example, 2 clever word detectives wondered about a posible connection between <eco-> and <ecology>, so Mrs. McGrath reminded them of a very helpful online website called . This allowed them to look up the bound base meanings. In the other photos, Teun (a second language learner), brilliantly noticed the words “energy & energetic” came from the same bound base, with different suffixes fixed on (+y   or +et +ic) !! There is definitely a meaning connection between these two… brilliant observation my clever word detective!!!