First day back from the holidays and we jumped right into reviewing the energy project and an inquiry into what to include in our Energy House paragraph plan for the “Buyer’s Guide”. We decided to start off like a professor, stating the facts, and then move more into the “salesperson” role of convincing and persuading!! Call it “a balanced approach then… WHAM! suck them in!!!

 Becoming an Energy Architect…

Goal– to design a house which uses renewable and sustainable energy efficient sources + convince the public to buy your house design.

Role – you are an architect and have to design an eco-friendly “energy house” that is suitable for a family of 6 people to live in.

Audience – your clients are a family of 6 people, trying to decide on which design of an “energy house” they want to build for themselves

Situation – you will have many clients coming to the Energy Showcase, deciding which house design best fits their family’s needs. Try to persuade them that your design is best for them!

Product– create a real or virtual model of your house to display at the Energy House Showcase on March 15. Publish or record a buyer’s guide that explains your energy house design. Justify all details of your house + energy sources and its’ location in writing.

Success – client is convinced to “buy” your house design + rubric


                   My Energy House PARAGRAPH PLAN for Buyer’s Guide

1st  paragraph *   introduce WHY you created the house                                                           *    DESCRIBE the parts and features and LOCATION in world
2nd paragraph  *   explain WHAT energy sources are used                                                           *    explain HOW they are transformed and used for electricity etc.
3rd paragraph  * describe WHY you used these sources…                                                        *  pros and cons
4th paragraph  *  convince customers WHY this house is the best choice for theirfamily              *  persuade them WHY this house use of energy sources …
5th paragraph  *  wrap up… final convincing words of why should the clients bother considering your design??!