“Real science begins with childhood curiosity, which leads to discovery and exploration.” 

Kathleen Conezio and Lucia French

Preschool children are naturally curious. Whether watching snails, blowing bubbles, or experimenting with floating and sinking, preschool child are engaged in finding out how the worlds. This week and last, we have been exploring the world of plants and growing seeds. On Friday last week, we put white roses in colored water and thought about what would happen:

On Monday, we returned to school, we made many observations about what had happened:

“It came red. The green thing – stem – went inside the red water. Then stem drink the red water to make the flower red.” Emilio

“Petals sucked up the water. The water had paint. It growed.” Edan

“A flower. It turned purple.” Yume

“The purple water was dripping on the flower. It was drinking the colour and now the petals are green.” Zoey

“My flower died. The petals falled off. They were blue beacuse the water was blue. The stem sucked it up.” Leo

“This is a funny rose. The petal is blue. The water is blue. It is growing.” Olivia

“The flower is growing. This is dying.” Miki

“The flower turned orange. The water turned orange. It didn’t die. The stem….I don’t know why the petals are orange.” Nabeel

“The flower growed. Then the petals died. The petals fell off. The petals are a little purple. The stem sucked it up.” Ania

“Flower. It turned into a person.” Thijs

“The plant growed some more. The petals got bigger. And then they become soft. The color came on the flower. The stem put it in the middle.” Curren Pace

“It died. Petals fell off. My petals are blue.” Claude

“The stem bent and died. The stem sucked up the colour and it turned green (the petals).” Naomi

“My flower turned to blue because there is blue colour in there.” Oscar

“The flower died. It changed colour.” Ori

“The petals fell off the flower because it was dying. It turned to purple because it sucked the colour up.” Hana

Here are some ideas for you to explore science with your child at home:

Exploring the World of Science with Your Child