All the Grade 3 students filed into the Lofthouse on Friday to listen to a Grade 3 dad, Mr. Hauber, speak on the important topic of making energy from biomass. We all know that renewable energy sources is the way of the future, and it was fascinating to find out how biomass is being used as biofuel right here, right now!! The Smartians were armed with their notebooks, ready for “treasure grabbing”, and I must say that I was proud of how focused and interested my little energy warriors were! They watched the powerpoint presentation with attention, and asked questions along the way. One slide in particular made us all smile and laugh out loud… apparently, cows’ farts actually contain methane, a gas that can be captured and converted into biofuel!! Imagine that! I hope you take the time to watch this powerpoint once again and have wonderful, thoughtful discussions about this very important renewable energy! In fact, there was a newspaper article just today that said Philippines is opening a new biomass energy plant this week! This is not some futuristic concept of sci fi books… this is happening right here, right now in countries around the world, like the Philippines. BRAVO!! [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]