What is happening in English and Social Studies this week?



We will begin our story-writing unit starting the elements of fiction with a specific focus on characterization. Students will create their own characters for their own short story. Time to develop a character poster will be given in class and for homework. This will be due on Wednesday (O’Regan HB) and Thursday (Vergel HB) and is worth 5 points for a Personal Management and Reflection grade.

Social Studies

Last week we looked at how archeologists find evidence (artifacts) and how they use the evidence to infer and develop theories.  We had a hands-on challenge looking at various artifacts, and undertook a web quest to help us understand what archaeologists do.

To support this we also viewed a wonderful “Ted Talk” video based on the renowned Leakey family, a family of archaeologists who worked in east Africa from the 1920s-90s.

The completed web quest is due Monday and is also worth 5 points for a Personal Management and Reflection grade.

Ted Talks- Louise Leaky

Archeology Web Quest

I have also linked the Pompeii video we viewed if you would like to see it again or talk about w hat you learned with your families.

Pompeii: The Last Day BBC Documentary

We will now continue to discover ourselves and our world by viewing a video called “Walking with Cavemen.” Make sure you spend some time thinking about the different theories on how humans evolved. What do you believe? What does your family believe? Spend some time at home discussing these ideas. Remember we are “digging deep” with our thinking!


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