SHORT planner - 6 "bare bones" main events

True writers linger in the planning process so

LONG planner with MAIN events and also SUPPORTING events

that when they get to the drafting of their story, they are well and truly

extra describing "Sausage Man" details

familiar with every aspect of their self-created story. I would like to give you a photo update of the various steps we have taken over these past few weeks in Writing Workshop as we plan out our “2 day –> 6 week” stories! This entire time, we have been investigating what good writers do by looking into a very familiar story – Cinderella. Then we take that knowledge and understanding to apply it to our very own story. It has been exciting to see the ideas begin to blossom, and I just know that when we get to the drafting stage of the writing

expanding on the character details using the Action-Reaction planner... what does the character say, think, feel and do because of the event that happened??

process, our wonderful Smartian writers will be bursting with ideas for the juiciest story of their life…