On February 15, we had our ES Sports Day. Coincidentally, it was on I.T ‘s (my) birthday! :D.  We are doing this because we would like to share our SPORTSMANSHIP, experiences and teamwork .  We are doing a post about Elementary School’s Field and Covered Court.  Our favorite part was the Dunk Tank because it was funny to see the person get dunked.  Everyone laughed . But we didn’t laugh too hard because it has no Sportsmanship. It would have no sportsmanship because maybe that person gets embarrassed.  The aim was to throw the ball at the target, and dunk the person sitting on the Dunk Tank. Everyone in our classes enjoyed playing Dunk Tank.  The Birthday Boy was the first person dunked in the Dunk Tank. Guess what, even the principal got dunked, too! Here is the link! 🙂 Hopefully, you will enjoy. Also we liked Patintero. It is a game with two teams. One was trying to score points by going through the defenders. The defenders can only stay on a horizontal line and go side to side. One person in the middle stays along the huge vertical line and is allowed to run up and down. The attackers have to get through the defenders by running past them. What we liked was that you have to run a lot. Patintero also tests your dodging skills at dodging hands groping for you while you run.