On Thursday, 7 March, our parents came to our classroom to do Student Led Conferences. Some of the moms could not come, so dads had to come, and some of the dads could not come, so the moms had to go. Luckily, some kids were lucky that  both of the parents could come.  We felt very nervous and it was also frightening! On our tables, there were our learning  journals, mad minutes, L.A  notebooks, and our clear books. Since there were a lot of notebooks, we got confused which one to start on. So, we made up our own minds to start on the mad minutes.

After we showed our work, we did activities with our parents. The activities that we did were, Code Buster, Marcy Cook, Fast Math (only the ones who do it), Tweet, Khan Academy, World Education Games and making comments on other people’s blogs. The last thing was saying bye to Mrs. Cooney and visiting the Art, P.E, and Music rooms. It was not compulsory to go to these places, but some of us did.

It was a fun day for us.

Our parents definitely learned something from us and they loved it.