On Sports Day, 2013, Feb 15, there were lots of kids and parents joining all the games.Even if there were teams who lost there was always good Sportsmanship.Here is some things that happened on that day.

On the ES  field, there were water relays and all sorts of fun utilities! The water relay was a competition between 5 groups trying their best to get a soaked sponge on top of someone’s head and squeeze the water into the bottle. Everyone got soaked in the water… And some people ran too fast that they slipped!  It is not that easy to squeeze water into the bottle you know, you have to put the edge of the sponge in the direction of the bottle.

We also did a Filipino game called Patintero. You have to try to tag the people on the other side of the team.But that team has to try to go through without being tagged by the other team. Most people often forget that one person is in the middle line. When we were playing, the person in the middle rushed up and down the middle line almost like a rocket! Many people were tagged and were sent back to the starting line.
Obstacle Course was another activity that looked easy but was actually pretty
 challenging… Kids were running, hopping and climbing over obstacles. While they did, they are
 sometimes sprayed with sprinklers. And when kids were running below the big parachute, the grass that were stuck onto their feet got stuck on other kids’ hair. So you can imagine how dirty and how much dirtier the kids got as they went  round after round. The rope climbing section was crowded as kids tried to get over the rope. But with dirty feet… That isn’t so easy. It hurts your feet too! Kids were also jammed up at the climbing on top of the bars. Almost everyone got really not so energetic after a few rounds.

Yoshi was a success! Tagging and running, “YOSHI!” and everybody ran. Yoshi took up lots of energy. It was another challenge because it was hot outside. It was much fun! Yoshi is a game that has taggers. Everyone is a tagger, but you have to run across the field and try to get to the mat on the far side of the field.  Some people can also choose to risk their success to save a teammate and that shows a good feeling for your team.

At the end of Sports Day, we all stumbled into class and couldn’t get up. We were too tired. But we all satisfied with what we did. Grade 4’s, I feel so sorry for all of you, because this will be your last ES Sports Day. But Grade 1, 2 and 3’s, you get to have more ES Sports Days! That’s the end of ES Sports Day 2013… Let’s wait for ES Sports Day, which is in 2014!