In February 15, 2013, we did sports day. We wore our class jersey shirt and our class was known as: Cooney’s Cool Kangas. Our class animal is a kangaroo, that’s why on our t-shirts, we had a kangaroo. In others classes, there were lots of other animals, and things  like turtles, leopards, jabber, mac books, and etc. We were really excited about sports day. At the opening ceremony, we did all sorts of things. When the opening ceremony began, two students from every class had to model their class room t-shirt. When the ceremony ended, we all went to the covered court for all sorts of games.

The next thing we did was to go to the field where we played yoshi, pantentero, obstetrical course and etc. We had lots of fun in the ES field. After that we ate our lunch, we went to our classroom to get our swimming stuff ready for the pool events. When we came to the swimming pool, we were so excited to race and tried be a good sports. The first relay was kick board relay and I was in it. I was really nervous  because this was my first relay in my life and I like races. when the  whistle blew, I was swimming like a shark, then I was suddenly tired and lost my pace. I tried to swim then I made it but after the game we didn’t win but it doesn’t matter because it’s just for fun and laughter.

The next relay was best stroke, it was my favorite relay and i was so excited also I was in it but I wasn’t the best because some people are in Sail Fish and there are way better than me and I didn’t think we were going to win but it doesn’t matter because it is just for fun. When the whistle blew, my classmate dashed across as fast as he could and then I went then my classmate went and so on. The next relay was dress up relay. It was kind of funny because you have to dress up and also a good way to collaborate and have teamwork. The next activity was rescue tube and it was really fun to watch. I can see people swimming really fast and I was amazed. After that, it was sunken treasure and I saw people diving underwater  looking for treasure. They said you can go anywhere in the pool and some people tried that and they got lots of items. The next activity was big mat mayhem and it was really hard to push the big mat and then we switched. In the end, we dressed up and that was the pool events. Afterwards was our closing  ceremony in the FAT. That was the pool (the main event of mine.) Thank you for reading.