Our unit from January to April is officially done. But the unit went off with a bang. After making detailed mind maps, it was presentation day where we had to share all the work we had done, and all that we learned and set a meaningful goal.

Just the coming of  of the 17th of April gave me the jitters, and it definitely didn’t help I ended up first! A lot of  work and effort went into these presentations, so we all hoped they’d end up good. They really did and everyone had a pretty awesome shot at it. We even rearranged the tables for this, which shows just how important it was. If you’re a parent then ask your kid how this went, because I don’t have the faintest idea what anyone else felt. Anyway, this was a sad and dark unit, but with lots to remember. The next one,(check Nika and Josh’s post) looks a little more fun and light………………..

By: Jem