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To tune into our science unit of inquiry, our class joined Ms. Markovich’s in a tussle to see who had the slowest egg. The students helped us decide the conditions in which we should conduct this test. Being good sports, we agreed that the egg drop from the third floor of ES had to be timed, data collected and there should be judges to keep things fair. Sadly, both eggs did not survive the fall, and Ms. Markovich’s egg was slowest.

Following this, the students were paired up and set to design and create a contraption that would enable their egg to survive a fall. There was much excitement as interesting and unique plans were developed. This was a wonderful experience in stretching the minds, whilst promoting collaboration and compromise. Friday: the final day for proving that combined minds can create a top product and the egg survives….. and if not, why? How would a scientist approach this?

This week saw the students show their performance tasks for child rights. The class enjoyed listening and watching others, in a variety of styles, state and present their beliefs of a right. Last week, our students shared some information about child rights with their Grade 1 buddies through conversations and pictures.

Enjoy these glimpses of the Kangas at work.

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