This week the Cool Cats have begun to “Tune-In” to Group Membership.  Early in the week the children took a look at the word “Group Membership” and brainstormed what they thought each part of the word met.  The Cool Cats had a strong sense of knowledge that a group is more than one of something/someone and is developing the idea that in order for something/someone to be part of a certain group, they need to share a commonality.

As a class we brainstormed then a  list of all the groups that we could think of and after sharing their ideas together, each member of our class went back and created a personal web of all the groups they find themselves associated with.  As we continue to work through this unit, the children will be able to revisit their original webs and add to them as needed.






Our next step is to take a closer look into WHY we are all apart of groups and WHAT the IMPORTANCE of being part of a group is.