This week the children worked in small groups to put together the essential questions for our ‘Group Membership’ unit of Inquiry.  This was a wonderful learning experience for the children since they had to come up with common agreements on how their groups could be successful at completing their learning task.  Having had two separate working periods to complete this assignment, the opportunity for reflection and goal setting was put into use when the children had to identify what worked well and what needed to change for an even more successful working period the second time around.    It was wonderful to see the students speak openly and hold one another to their agreements.  Below are the questions that the students created in their groups.





The second part of this activity was for the groups to revisit their questions and add their thoughts on the following:

1.  What connections can you make to the question?

2.  What are some ways we can find out this question?

3.  What questions do you have about the question and/or what needs to be clarified for you?

Feel free to ask your child this weekend about their thoughts on each of the essential questions above.  Their collective work is displayed in the classroom on our “Working Wall” so don’t hesitate to pop in before school or after school with your child so they can show you what each group came up with.