The children had a fantastic day learning all about the culture of the country Philippines, which is the place where we all at the moment, call “home”. The children enjoyed the morning assembly and were then entertained briefly by our Filipino story tellers. From there, they headed off to create their own unique fans, which are a big part of the Filipino culture. After a well deserved break, the kids enjoyed learning a new dance and game that are very popular in the Philippines called “Tinikling” and “Kadang-Kadang”. After that, the children explored the native language of the Philippines called “Tagalog”. The children learned how to say vegetables and fruits’ names, along with how to ask how much so that they could buy some items in the local markets that were set up for them to practice their Tagalog speaking. the afternoon was spent riding in the Jeepney, enjoying some local flavors of ice cream and then having a go at making the tradition food “Turon”. Ask your child at home what the process is to make one! Talk about their favorite part of the day and have them leave a comment reflecting on their day!