The Awesome Allstars have been continuing to work on honing their transdiscilinary skills. This week, we have been focusing on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills and have been reflecting on it.

In math, the focus has been on the Math Practice 1: “I can make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.”Here is the open-ended math problem that was presented to the students.

A boy walked into the forest floor layer of the rainforest, looked around and saw 20 legs. What animals might he have seen?

Once we read through the problem, they worked on identifying the problem, some tools and strategies that they can use to solve the problem, and how they can show their thinking.

Below are a few examples of how children chose to solve the problem and show their thinking.

photo (45) photo (44) photo (42)


I chose the rainforest habitat as we are beginning to inquire into ecosystems so I used this as an informal formative assessment to see what they know about animals (in general).

Also, last week the Allstars shared their 1,000 projects with students from Ms. Riviello and Ms. Remoroza’s classes.

Below are a few photos from the day.

photo (38) photo (37) photo (28)

Favorite part: getting positive feedback from their peers for their hard work!