The elementary school annual sports day is now one month away on Feb 14th! All families are invited to attend. All children will bring home a program on Friday Feb 7th for ES Sports day and we will also post the program on our PE blogs and on ES bulletin boards at ISM . Our focus is understanding that physical activity provides opportunities for health, enjoyment, self expression, challenge and social interaction as well building a sense of community and school spirit for teachers students and their families.

Students will participate as a class in a variety of activities in different venues. We would like parents to assist the supervisor at each activity or participate in the activities with your child. So please come dressed ready to join in the fun! We also need two parents per grade level to take photographs on Sports day to be used in the Closing Ceremony slide shows. If interested please contact Steve McCallum McCallums@ismanila.org before Feb 1st to go through the protocols for taking photos.

We encourage students to display good sportsmanship. As parents you can play a significant role in helping your child become a good sport. Here are some ways to help your child develop good sportsmanship and ensure that sports day is a positive experience.


1. Be a good role model for your children. Children learn by example, so show them how to practice good sportsmanship by not always expecting to win. Explain that winning is not always an option, but that it is always appropriate to be a good sport.

2. Good sportsmanship is a side effect of having good character. Teach your children how to interact with their elders, coaches and peers with a positive attitude, one that shows respect for all involved in the game.

3 Healthy competition is great, but make sure to emphasize other aspects of the game. Friendship, skill, exercise and good sportsmanship are major factors that contribute to a successful experience. After games ask your child “Did you enjoy that?” “That looked like fun!” rather than “Did you win?” Remember the number one reason that children consistently give as to why they participate in sport, is to have fun and be with friends. Emphasize this aspect in your post game conversations. We want to convey a love of the game rather than a love of winning so all children will continue to be active, enjoy and play sports throughout their lifetime.

We look forward to seeing you on Sports Day 2014