What an awesome morning the Cool Cats had making applesauce! In order for the children to begin to gain a deeper understanding of how a “raw” product becomes a “processed” product, I thought what better way to help them understand it, than to have them actually go through the process themselves. During this activity the children had to cooperate with their peers, read directions, check for proper materials and follow a step-by-step written procedure in order for them to accomplish their task – to make applesauce! The kids worked together, learned valuable cooking skills and were successful with their end product!

Now that the children have completed their job of making applesauce, their task of procedural writing begins! The children have successfully ordered photos that show their step-by-step process and have done a “round robin” retell using transition words. Now their task it to inform their reader “How to Make Applesauce” in writing. ┬áHere are two examples of student’s work.

DSC09809 DSC09810

DSC09812 DSC09813