Last week, we took a survey about some comments that startled some of us. They were meant to provoke our thinking and to bring stereotypes out into the open, to help us become more aware of Child Rights and why they are needed. This week and next, we will be digging into the ethical issues involved with the topic of each question. We will discuss, debate and justify our opinions.

Today’s Startling Statement up for discussion was:


Of the 18 survey responses received, 3 people (all boys) AGREED, 5 people (4 boys, 1 girl) DISAGREED and 10 people (1 boy, 9 girls) STRONGLY DISAGREED.

Some students realized they had changed their minds DURING the process of discussing and debating, which is totally fine, and even encouraged.

Here are some of the comments overheard in our debate:

* There are some things that boys do that girls can’t and some things that girls do that boys can’t.
* Inside, we are all the same. Gender does not matter.
* You need both genders to help the human population continue on. Countries who have focused on having high male populations are realizing that there are less females in the workplace and in the marrying pool. There can be very negative effects of this.
* Girls have been underestimated throughout history.
* Girls/women have not changed the world as much as boys/men have. (You can imagine that this thread resulted in a huge and heated discussion. The counter arguments included the idea that women have not been recognized for their contributions as visibly as men in history and that there are plenty of men who have influenced the world in a negative way. It also led to a conversation about the traits that each gender typically [not always] has that help the world go round.)
* Gender has nothing to do with the quality of a person.
* Boys may be physically stronger (in some cases), but that does not make them more important.
* Both genders are good at different things and are needed in different ways.
(What roles have men and women/boys and girls played traditionally and more recently? Is this ethical? What happened in your parent’s generation and what is happening now?)