The Cool Cats had a lovey treat today when two parents came in to share with them the process of making one of their favorite family dishes. The children had an opportunity to learn how to make the traditional Filipino food, Lumpia, and a famous Brazilian dessert, known as Brigadeiro. What a fabulous time they had learning about the different ingredients it takes to create each dish, as well as, participating in preparing each food item. After their hard work, they then got to taste the fruits of their labor! YUM! YUM! A big thank you to Pat’s mom and dad and Emilio’s mom for taking time out of your day to come in and teach us how to make a favorite family dish. With these wonderful hands on opportunities the children are beginning to make connections and deeper understandings of how food goes from “farm to table”. They are looking forward to creating other dishes in the coming days. Next week, the children will be learning about flow charts and they will be asked to create one that explains the procedure of a food item that they enjoyed making with our parents.