In trying to gain an understanding of how we are able to consume the different foods we eat, the children have been exploring their cooking skills in the kitchen! This has given them the understanding that the foods we consume go through different stages in order for them to be ready for us to eat. The children have been learning about different materials needed to make certain foods and the ingredients and measurements that those foods need in order to be edible for us (by reading through step-by-step instructions/recipes). We have been very fortunate to have had many parent volunteers who have provided us an opportunity to learn how to make a favorite family dish of theirs. Today, we had the pleasure of having Zeeon’s mom come in to teach us how to make chocolate chip cookies. The best quote from this working period was from Jason as he commented on how the cookies looked BEFORE they went into the oven, “But they don’t look like cookies to me!” However, once the cookies were baked and the final process has been done, he realized that the final step was VERY important, because it’s the step the they needed to go through in order for the cookies to “look like” cookies and also for us to be able to eat them! It’s been some awesome learning happening with the Cool Cats. We have our learning experiences documented on our learning wall in the classroom – please feel free to stop on by with your child and have them walk you through their learning thus far!