With having had the opportunity to cook a few different dishes over the past week, the children have begun to realize that foods need to go through a process before we can eat them.  We took a step back yesterday and the kids worked in small groups to listen to a non-fiction book that described the process of how one raw product became a processed one.  Each group had a different raw to processed food item to learn about such as: Oranges to Orange Juice, Maple Tree to Maple Syrup, Milk to Cheese and Peanuts to Peanut Butter, in which the children chose which item they’d like to learn about.  In each group, the children were responsible for identifying each individual step that the raw product went through in order for it to become the processed one.  They then had to work in their small groups to create a flow chart that included the following elements: title, images, written steps with transition words and  arrows showing the flow of the procedure.  Below are images of the kids working in their groups, them presenting their information to whole class and a close up of each group’s flow chart.  They now are extending their understanding of flow charts, by creating their own that explains one of the processes that they have gone through in their cooking experiences.

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