It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.  The importance of good sportsmanship and being active is the message the kids got today as they had a blast during Sports Day.  It was awesome to see handshakes, teamwork, and smiles as they cheered each other on during each event.  Thank you to all our PE coaches for all their hard work in making this day happen.  It has been the best Sports Day yet!  I will let the pictures and some of the students’ reflections tell you the story.  Enjoy!

I learned that you should never give up and just keep playing. – David
I learned not to call others a cheater. – Alonso
I felt successful when I got dunked! – Mila
At the Bearcat sprint I took a risk! – Shreyas
I learned not to push and wait my turn so I don’t hurt anyone. -Simon
I learned that we can all work in a team like when we were doing the team challenge. -Kate
I learned you don’t need to cry if you don’t get your turn because it’s okay. Sometimes you can have your turn and sometimes it’s fair for others to have their turn. – Conor
I learned to respect the rules so it will be more fun and no one will get hurt. -Minjun
I learned that if you loose, you don’t need to yell and say that’s not fair you cheated. – Nahom