Today is Mother Tongue Language Day!  This is celebrated every February 21st.  This holiday celebrates all of the different languages that people  speak around the world.  It originated from the country of Bangladesh.  Our day started with a visit from Ms. Giggi, who taught us about the Italian language.   She taught us how to count to ten, say Ciao (hello and goodbye),  buongiorno (good morning), grazie (thank you), prego (you’re welcome) and gatti (cats).  After we spoke in Italian, we danced around the room in a circle to the Mickey Mouse March song.


(video taken from you tube)

Later this morning, Ms. Nahreen came in and shared information about Bangladesh and how International Mother Language originated.  Here is the power point that she shared with us today.  At the end, Zeeon’s mom gave us our name tag written in Bangla.


Below is a poem written in Bagla and it’s translation in English which Zeeon and his mother read for us.


Our last visitor of the day was Ms. Paula who came in to read a book to us in Portuguese, that taught us about a legend from Brazil.  She also shared with us some images of Rio de Janeiro  and a song that was written by two men about a Brazilian girl.  After Ms. Paula’s presentation, she shared with us a famous Brazilian treat called Brigadeiro, which we of course LOVED!
(Video was taken from You Tube)
We had a great day learning about the languages and cultures of some of our classmates’ home countries!