What is Happening in Ms O’Regan’s Classes this week?


It’s a short week this week with a national holiday for EDSA Revolution Day and a Professional Development Day for teachers, which means students have a three day week. 

Social Studies

This week we will look at population and resources and how they have affected your city. (This may bring back memories and/ or connections to the Immigration topic many of you studied back in Grade 4 if you were at ISM then!) Again, we will practice this in class together using Manila as a case study, and then you will be off to research your own city.

The draft for the section on Population and Resources for your Relocation Guide is due at the end of class on Fri 27th Feb.

There will be quiz on absolute and relative location worth 20 points on Friday 27th Feb. Check out the Resources on my blog roll to help you review and come to tutorials.

These links may also help you review:



The writing of your Population paragraph is also part of your English grade.

Check out the rubric to see what you will be assessed on with your expository writing.


 This week we will have mini lessons on punctuation, commas and apostrophes to strengthen our Conventions skills. 



  • Population paragraph researched and typed up
  • Study for Location Quiz
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HOLIDAY NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS Current Events: Johann, Alice, Camella & Andonis   Population paragraph due 

Absolute & Relative Location quiz 


Current Events: Adam, Sil & Patricia will be on Monday March 3.