This past Thursday, the Awesome Allstars had the opportunity to check out food production in action at the Gardenia Bread Factory.

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bread photo

bread photos


Here are a few of their reflections from the day:

“I tried…

…to be responsible because I wanted to share the bread with my friends.”-Faheem

…to be communicating by talking to my mom more.” -Simon

…to be balanced but people were talking too much.” -Adrian

…to hold in my hungers because the bread smelled so good and it felt like I just wanted to eat it.” -Jada

“I used..

…my communication skills because I was listening to the people at the factory.” -Jason L

…the disposition balanced by talking and working at the same time.” -Mikael

…my communication skills when we were writing what we see, think and wonder and listing to what people say.” -Aiko

“I wondered…

…how the machines move.” -Jacob

…why the tunnels were so deep. I also wondered why they had to cool the bread. That was weird.” -Sahng-Won

…why do they use machines. It is much more unsanitary than using hands.” -Tinsley

“I felt…

…surprised because I didn’t expect to see all of the machines that I did.” -Sabrina

…amazed to see all of the cool machinery and bread.” -Declan