This week the Cool Cats have begun to take a closer look into food packaging.   Yesterday they went through a museum walk around the classroom and completed their “See,Think, Wonder” on what they observed.  Below is a collaborated list that the Cool Cats came up with during this exploration and discovery time.

See think wonder packaging

After the class shared their ideas all packaging materials were placed in the center of the room.  The children then were asked to sort the packaging into categories that made sense to them.  Below are images of them throughout this process, as well as the categories the children came up with.  As a class, you’ll notice that they chose to sort our packaging products based on materials they were made out of.

Today we continued our packaging exploration by having each person choose one package to analyze to determine what was included on their particular product’s packaging.  Below are a few examples that some of the children came up with.




DSC00276Going further, the children will be asked to analyze particular elements of their packaging more specifically and then pair up with a classmate to compare/contrast their product’s packaging to one another.  It will be interesting to see what we find most packaging of food products have in common and some of the differences that may come about during this comparison portion.  Stay tuned to see what we find out!