The students had a blast learning about various cultures. They learned to say new words in different languages, takes risks with trying new food and learned about each other’s special customs and traditional dress to say the least.

“I didn’t know that every country have their special dance.” – Mia

“I never knew Ibrahim’s country (Pakistan) writes and reads from right to left.” -Josua

“I didn’t know that lamington’s had cake inside.” – Michelle

“I didn’t know that every country has its own special food.” -Conor

“I never knew there was a dance where you have to hold candles.” -Alonso

“I use to think lamington’s had lemons in them, but now I know they don’t.” – Milla

“I never knew lamington’s had cake I thought it had lamb in it.” -Bella

“I use to think that there were no countries that reads and writes right to left, but now I know that they do in Pakistan.” -Nina

“I learned ori means fold and gami means papers in Japanese.” -Ms. R

“I thought that there aren’t any countries which plays the xylophone fast, but now I know in Zimbabwe they do.” -Kate

“I use to think a country has only one dance, but now I know some countries have many dances.” – Minjun