What a wonderful start to school we have had! The children are adjusting well and easily settling in. A focus for the beginning of school is Learning to Learn, which for Preschool means learning routines and how to be safe. Here have been some highlights of the week:

How are we safe at school? Through conversations and demonstrations, we have discussed how to be safe in the classroom, playground and hallways.

What are our daily routines? The class has been introduced to the following routines: signing in, packing away the toys, hand washing, lining up, circle time, following the schedule and many more!

Who are we? We have been getting to know about each other through circle time discussions, songs, art activities and stories. Through play in the classroom and on the playground, the children are beginning to make connections with new friends.

How we stay healthy? We have been washing our hands (a lot), using the toilet and eating the healthy fruit snack. Today we tried a small bite of dragon fruit and I was proud that everyone had a small bite! We also encourage everyone to have a lot to drink. Today most children refilled their water bottles at least once.

– Specialists:

PE: We went to PE twice. Ms.Nat showed the class the routines, reminded everyone about safety rules and then let everyone explore the Gym and equipment. FUN!

Music: Ms.Peachy came today and sang songs with us. She brought the sticks, beanbags and shakers for us to use with different songs.

Art – ½ the class went on Thursday. The other half will go to next week for their first session. We got to draw with glue and then add sparkles and glitter.

Here is a video of the many wonderful experiences in the classroom this week:


Here is a song we have been singing: