Key questions for this week:

What do you want to tell your reader?
What is the author’s intent for each short story we read?

Weekly Overview:
We will continue to read our short stories this week; in fact, we will focus on The Dinner Party. Early, we will review the 7 metacognitive reading strategies; students need to be able to define them, give examples from their short story reading, and use them as they start new readings.
We have 2 quizzes scheduled in the next few weeks: On Monday/Tuesday, September 8-9, we will have a quiz on the definitions and applications of the metacognitive reading strategies. On September 18-19, we will have our second quiz on our shared and expanded literary terms.
It is vital to remember that our Story Tracker Sheets are the best way to review for these 2 quizzes along with the Literary Terms Review Sheet.

Writer’s Workshop:
All students need to be reminded that it is your responsibility to do a little writing in your WW notebook every night. Expand out your small moments. This week we will choose 1 of these moments and start to expand it with the structures of writing (description, action, dialogue and introspection)

Performance Task Quarter 1: Memoir
The assignment description and rubric will be published later this week on the blog and in the students’ googledrives.