Another 5 Day Week… is a great thing.

I hope that I can say that powerschool has opened seamlessly for you and the numbers are making perfect sense. There just a few items that I would like to clarify for you on our assessment categories; I will include a short presentation in my next blog post about our new way of assessing, but for now, let me point out some important items:

Formative Assessments: We assess for learning but also to help learning. Some assessments will show up on powerschool that do not count toward a final grade. These are called formative assessments, and they are usually a great way for students to know where they stand and how they can improve.
Summative Assessments: These are the pieces presented in the quarterly syllabus and they do count toward a final grade. For this quarter, we have 2 quizzes and a memoir that will help decide each student’s final grade.
Learning Habits: The LHs will show up in powerschool every month, usually in the first week. We assess, and have students self- assess, these. Like formative assessments, the LHs are not part of the final grade, but will be shown in each semester’s report card. The learning habits examine each student’s organization, engagement, and collaboration.

More detail is revealed in the presentation to follow. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me, I’m happy to talk about assessments with you!

Quiz on the Meta-cognitive Reading Strategies:
It is being handed back today and Friday. I am asking all students to show Mom and Dad, and ask them to sign it for me. I don’t usually ask for signatures, but I just want to make sure that you see the first piece of assessment for this year. Some students who have not performed as well as they would have liked will have a chance to show their learning, and improve their numbers, next week in tutorials.

Next Quiz:
We will have our literary terms quiz Thursday/Friday of week 7 (Sept 18-19)

I hope you had a chance to read my explanation of the performance task for this quarter. Your son or daughter is looking for stories that matter, so you may want to talk to them about memories and have them share some of their small moments… and thinking.