THRASS stands for the Teaching of Handwriting Reading and Spelling Skills. This is a tool that we use at ISM to help of students become both skilled readers and writers.  Alongside this resource, our class will also be discussing various reading and spelling strategies during the year.

Why Do We Use THRASS? with Denise Ritchie (developer of THRASS)


Vocabulary connected to THRASS

Grapheme – Letter.

Phoneme – Sound.

Graph – One letter spelling choice.  (cat – a like in the word ant)

Digraph – Two letter spelling choice. (look – oo like in the word book)

Trigraph – Three letter spelling choice. (fridgea like in the word bridge)

Phoneme Fist – The way we sound out words. You make a clenched fist and say the word twice. Each time you say the word you make out like you’re knocking on a door. Then you sound out the word and for each sound you lift a finger.



The THRASS chart

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